March 23, 2023

Sesshin with Ryan Brandeburg

Dojo v Proudu organizes a sesshin (meditation retreat according to the rite of the Zen-Buddhist Soto school) under the guidance of Ryan Brandenburg. An ideal opportunity to stop, deepen, take apart and put back together again.

DEADLINE: 30.9. – 3.10. 2021

TEACHER: Ryan Brandenburg who is a disciple of Kobuna Chino, after whom he ran the Jikoji Zen Retreat Center in California for 10 years. He is a member of the Center of Sacred Studies. It accompanies not only Zen practice, but also the rituals of the native inhabitants of America. However, we will focus only on Zen.

THEME: Zen practice according to the Japanese Soto school of Zen. Suitable for those who already have experience with more intensive “objectless” meditation.

Buddhist Center Forest Peace (Shanta Vana) (Bobov no. 431 and ev. no. 676, Malá Skála). 

approx. CZK 3,000. (The price will be determined strictly by calculating the costs according to the number of participants. The price will include the costs of accommodation, meals, the teacher’s stay and a local fee, i.e. an estimate of up to CZK 3,000 per person for the entire sesshin).

Sign up at the organizer’s e-mail

The number of participants is limited by the capacity of the Shanta Vana center.

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