March 23, 2023

Shamata meditation course and introduction to the teachings of the Yogachara school

DEADLINE: 28.8. – 5.9. 2021

TEACHER: Ct. Dhammadīpa.

THEME: The topic of the course will be shamata meditation (calm meditation) and an introduction to the basics of the teachings of the Yogacara school (a translation of the Sutra on Untying Knots, which significantly influenced the teachings of this school, will be available). 

Tibetan and Chinese traditions, unlike Theravada, also work with subtle breath (prana), meridians, visualizations and breath retention. The course will include yoga or qigong exercises.

The course will be intensive, silence will be practiced, and a simple, hearty vegetarian meal will be served (there will only be soups for dinner).

Starting and ending:
Starting the course on Saturday, August 28. dinner and an introductory discussion (by arrangement it is possible to come already on Friday 27.8. evening), end of the course on Sunday 5.9. after lunch.

Buddhist Center Forest Tranquility (Shanta Vana) founded by the venerable Dhammadípa (Bobov no. 431, Malá Skála). 

CZK 5,200. (full course from Saturday dinner to Sunday lunch). In case of arrival already on Friday, an additional charge of CZK 350 per night without meals is made (if there is more interest, lunch can be prepared on Saturday, the fee will then be increased).

You can apply 
at: This e-mail or the number +421908489933 (Slovak number) you will also get more detailed information. After confirming the application, you will be prompted for binding registration via application form. Preference will be given to participants who register for the entire course. If you register for a shorter term, you will be moved to the waiting list document and your participation will be confirmed about a week before the start of the course, only if the course is not filled.

The number of participants is limited by the capacity of the Shanta Vana center.

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