March 23, 2023

Zen with Ryan Brandeburg

Dojo v Proud organizes sesshin (meditation retreat according to the rite of the Zen-Buddhist Soto school) under the guidance of Ryan Brandenburg. An ideal opportunity to stop, deepen, take apart and put back together again.

DEADLINE: 22.6. – 26/06/2022

TEACHER: Ryan Brandenburg who is a disciple of Kobuna Chino, after whom he ran the Jikoji Zen Retreat Center in California for 10 years. He is a member of the Center of Sacred Studies. In addition to zazen, he is also devoted to the spiritual path of American Indians. However, we will focus only on Zen.

THEME: Zen practice according to the Japanese Soto school of Zen. Suitable for those who already have experience with more intensive “objectless” meditation.

Buddhist Center Forest Peace (Shanta Vana) (Bobov no. 431, Malá Skála). 

CZK 3,800 per person and the entire stay (includes accommodation, meals, teacher transport and a local stay fee of CZK 30/day ). This time, we would like to ask those interested in the session to pay a deposit of NOK 1,000 to the account 1011126113 / 0800 by the 10th. 6.
(please write Ryan – and your name in the message, i.e. e.g. “Ryan – Felix Holzman”). The voluntary contribution for teachers (the so-called given) will be made separately and will be at your discretion.

Sign up at the organizer’s e-mail

Details about the session:
Register at the organizer’s e-mail Ryan further suggested that we ritualize the diet more and therefore asks those interested in sešshin to bring the so-called óryóki sets, it is a set of three matching bowls, chopsticks, a wooden spoon and a “spatula”. A detailed illustration is in the picture below. The set can be purchased original, but not cheap at all, for example e-shop. Alternatively, it can be found in Sapa or elsewhere. The spatula can be replaced with a Czech spatula used in the kitchen (also see the attached picture).

Instructions for the óryóki ritual in English to download: here

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