March 23, 2023

Teacher: Bhante Dhammadīpa

Course name: Samathá-vipassaná

Location: Sklenárka (see here)

The course will be dedicated to introducing non-Udalistic meditation as part of the combination of calmness meditation (samathá) and insight meditation (vipassaná). It is an introduction to one-moment meditation (éka-sanskára-samadhi) based on the text The Rise of Faith in the Mahayana. The diet can be chosen vegetarian or vegan, and gluten-free can also be arranged. The course will be conducted in the Czech language and will not be interpreted, but non-Czech-speaking interested parties who will receive the meditation instructions in English can also participate. Detailed information and study materials will be sent before the course.

Basic organizational information about the course:

The format of the course will be traditional with a regular alternation of sitting meditation and walking meditation. In the evening there will be regular dhamma lectures.

We recommend that you read the “Organizational conditions for our meditation courses” before sending the application. Let us know how things go on our courses and nothing will surprise you :-).

Link to Bhante Dhammadípa’s website:

  • Contribution amount for the entire course: CZK 7,800. This amount does not include the amount given to teachers. A monetary reward is given for the teachings that have been handed down as a gift since the time of the Buddha. Its amount is not set – it depends on the generosity of the pupils. The fee is paid in cash directly on the course.
  • The application becomes binding after payment of the reservation fee of 500 CZK.
  • Do not pay the course fee or booking fee until you have received a confirmation email and payment details from the course manager!
  • Due to the limited number of participants, we only accept applications for the entire course.

Registration form here: Dhammadipa spring course ::

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