May 22, 2023

Travel description

Travel by car to cottage B (Bobov no. p. 431, Malá Skála)

Most navigations will successfully take you only to Sněhov. There is often a problem with the next turn onto the “correct” forest road. The field and then forest road is not covered in the most used maps. Also, keep in mind that the forest roads to the cottage are only partially paved. If you don’t want to risk scraping the bottom of the car (which, fortunately, after the latest modifications there is no longer such a risk), it is better to park it in Sněhov and walk the rest of the way. Recently, however, no one has complained about chafed bottoms. The road from the top towards Sněhov is therefore quite safe.

Record of the journey by car to cottage B (from the turn to the field road behind Sněhov)

Description of the route to cottage B from the main road in Malá Skála

Cesta Pizzerie

If you are coming from the main route from Turnovo, from the sign indicating the beginning of the village of Malá Skála, continue straight ahead, you will pass the bridge over the river on the right, but continue straight until you reach the pizzeria.

Right after the pizzeria and the Natura shop, there is an intersection where you turn left, then keep right (do not turn left onto the side road immediately after the intersection) and continue along the main road towards the local part of Sněhov.

Drive approx. 2 km uphill along the main road until you reach the local part of Sněhov. Continue along the main road to the T-junction (by the brown two-storey building), where you turn left towards the local part of Bobov.

Then continue along the main road in the direction of Bobov (which you will not reach, however). When you leave the local part of Sněhov, after about 500 m you will see fenced pastures on the left (Scottish breed of cows often graze here in the summer). Turn left onto a dirt road that leads through pastures to the woods. Right at the beginning of the forest there is an intersection of two forest roads, turn left and continue straight. Pass the following intersection of forest roads, or keep going straight until you reach a junction just after a small bridge over a stream, turn sharp left and keep going straight.

Chalupa B (horní chalupa)

When you leave the forest, you will see cottage B (upper cottage) in front of you. In front of it, to the left of the road, there is a level paved area that serves as a parking lot. Park here unless otherwise instructed. Please try to park your car at a slight angle to leave as much space as possible for others.