March 23, 2023

Visitation order


By e-mail to

After confirming your stay, you must fill in the application form.

Consult your stay with animals in advance. Free movement of dogs around the premises is not permitted


CZK 400 CZK/ person / night

The above covers essential running costs, local tourist tax and VAT.


CZK 50 bed linen for the entire stay

CZK 50 to borrow a towel for the entire stay

CZK 50 one use of the washing machine

Costs for food are handled separately.

It is also possible to rent the entire cottage for a one-day event without an overnight stay:

CZK 150 / hour (valid for summer operation – 1 June to 30 September)

CZK 200 / hour (valid for winter operation – 1 October to 31 May)

The center provides a bed with sheets (futon or bed). We limit the washing of bedding due to a lack of water and staff, so please, if possible, bring your own bedding/sleeping bag/towel.

After signing up for your stay, an invoice with a due date will be sent to your e-mail. Your date of stay will be bindingly reserved until the required amount has been credited to the centre’s account. Until then, we reserve the right to cancel your stay at any time. However, the amount must be paid at the latest before the start of the stay.


The entire area is set up for gentle and ecological operation. The cottages are connected to a natural septic tank, which does not allow the use of toxic and non-degradable substances commonly used in the city. We minimize the ecological footprint in the daily care of the space and guests. Specifically:

  • we clean the cottages using ecological means for cleaning and washing
  • we use recycled toilet paper
  • we grow basic herbs
  • we try to buy food in organic quality
  • we buy goods, if possible without disposable packaging, we find other uses for used packaging and sort the rest
  • we compost


  • conserve hot and cold water
  • use cosmetics without chemical additives (natural cosmetics, e.g. Lavera, Alverde, Weleda from DM drugstore)
  • sort waste into designated containers in the kitchen or in the hallway (plastics, paper, glass, cans, beverage cartons)
  • compost, reduce cooked leftovers, which only rarely belong in the compost
  • turn off the lights when you leave the room – automatic sensors are only in the corridors of cottage B
  • save wood for heating


  1. The manager of the center will hand over the keys to the responsible person according to the agreement
  2. Park in the designated parking lot.
  3. Respect that all internal spaces are non-smoking.
  4. Change your shoes when entering the cottage.


  1. When handling devices (boiler, boiler, etc.), follow the OPERATING RULES.
  2. Do not take futons, blankets and pillows out of the cottages.
  3. Close the front door (measures against mice).
  4. Do not leave lighted candles, open flames or incense sticks anywhere in the house!

Candles and sticks can only be lit in the main meditation room if there is a metal bowl underneath.

  1. Leave the space in the condition in which you found it and return futons, pillows, furniture, blankets, etc. to the place where they were when you arrived.
  2. If you discover or cause a defect, write it in the guest book and notify the administrator.
  3. Staying in the center area is at your own risk.

Furthermore, please:

  1. Return borrowed or moved equipment or tools to their original location before departure.
  2. Let us know if you come across something that doesn’t work.


The center appreciates any support. You can send financial donations to account no. 229113660 / 0600 (IBAN account number: CZ79 0600 0000 0002 2911 3660, SWIFT code BIC: AGBACZPP) with the note DON + NAME. Thank you .


The responsible person will ensure:

  • handover of a tidy cottage
  • Used sheets and dry towels are placed in the laundry basket (clean linen can be found in the chamber on the first floor of the upper cottage)
  • cleaning all floors in the house
  • removal of ashes from the stove for compost – if the ashes are hot, keep them in a tin coal and let them cool outside so they don’t burn anything. Pour the cold ash onto the compost.
  • preparation of wood for the next flood
  • garbage cleaning
  • sorted, in designated colored bags, to the collection point in Mala Skála or Sněhov, see map.
  • Relation of biological waste without oils to compost under the cottage in summer, further to the forest in winter (so as not to attract wild boars to the garden)
  • Colored bags are only used for larger amounts of waste and are stored in the space under the terrace. Everyone takes a smaller amount of mixed waste home.
  • Separated waste bags are available in the shoe rack in the entrance hall.
  • switching off appliances according to the OPERATING ORDER.
  • removing all non-perishable food and securing durable food (close food containers carefully, turn off and leave open an empty and washed refrigerator).
  • if something is missing (toilet paper, cleaning products, light bulbs, candles, etc.), let us know at
  • your comments and suggestions for improving the operation of the center will be welcomed by email:

Thank you.

Theravada Buddhism, the operator of the center, reserves the right to modify the rules at any time.